Apricus Paralegal Group's flexible stability will help transform the way you work. Our team is proud to serve client-attorneys in a wide range of practice areas so you can scale your practice, worry less, and keep more of your money. Some of the services we offer include:

Litigation Support

Discovery review, document organization, and data management to empower you to be more effective in the representation of your clients.

Document Preparation

Skilled drafting of pleadings, motions, interrogatories, requests for production, deficiency letters, subpoenas, general correspondence, and more.

Personal Injury Case Management

Comprehensive support from case signing through settlement disbursal so you can focus on obtaining the highest net recovery for your clients.

Medical Record Chronologies

Accurate, easy to navigate, and detail focused snapshots highlighting case-relevant medical information and spotlighting potential areas of concern.

Estate Planning & Administration

Maximize efficiency and reduce time between initial intake to final document execution.

Family Law Project Management

Custom solutions for time intensive, complex family law needs.

We are also proud to offer:

  • Project/practice management and consulting
  • Preparation of presentation material for mediations, arbitration, and trial
  • Recruiting/prescreening/interviewing potential new hires
  • Creation of custom content for your web or social media sites
In addition to substantive legal support services, we can help set up processes and systems to make your practice operations more successful. Need something else? Our far-reaching network can help connect you with the perfect paralegal. Schedule a call to discuss your firm's unique needs today.
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