The Benefits & Savings of Legal Outsourcing

The Benefits:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American works 8.8 hours a day, but the average employee is productive for less than three hours per workday.

An unproductive employee isn't just a money suck - their unproductivity may be damaging your rapport with your existing clients and interfering with your ability to gain new ones. When you engage Apricus Paralegal Group, there is no unproductive time. You pay only for the work we deliver to you.

1. Increase your firm's efficiency.

By delegating specific tasks, you can focus on the cases and clients that require your specialized attention. We'll ensure the rest of your practice runs smoothly. Already have in-house staff? We can work alongside your existing support team, too!

2. Attract more business. Keep more of your money.

Take on projects you might otherwise turn down and make your billing rates more competitive by obtaining high-quality legal support services for less than the cost of traditional, full-time employees. We provide our client-attorneys with detailed invoicing at regular intervals. You select which costs you're passing on to your clients, copy and paste into your firm's billing software, and you're good to go!

3. Scale your practice. Improve your operations.

We understand how small and solo law firms suffer from the "feast or famine" predicament. Having Apricus Paralegal Group in your corner guarantees your firm can respond quickly and efficiently to temporary caseload increases. We provide expert assistance only when you need it so that you can scale your practice in real-time to resolve cases faster, increase client satisfaction, and save you headaches - all while saving you thousands of dollars a year!

The Savings:

Eliminate the costs associated with traditional employees.

W-2 employee "extras" cost your firm about 35% over salary. Apricus Paralegal Group eliminates the extra costs associated with traditional employees. When you engage with our paralegal practice, you'll pay one flat, easy hourly rate that (in most instances) you can ethically pass on to your client. Apricus Paralegal Group is everything you need and nothing you don't. Whether you're looking to hand over a single project or are interested in a recurring block of hours each week or each month, we'll work with you to build a custom plan that directly suits your needs and saves you thousands of dollars a year.

$47,000 (average annual paralegal salary in NC)

   + taxes 
   + health insurance contributions 
   + paid vacation and sick days 
   + retirement plans 
   + professional development 
   + office equipment and supplies 
   + gifts and bonuses 

= $63,000 (actual cost of $47,000/year employee to your firm)

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